Wireless Sensors Control

The sensor control options harness the wireless features of the system to deliver energy efficient solutions to building lighting control.

There are 3 types of sensors available.

a. Adaptive Based Lighting Sensor

b. Motion Detect Lighting Sensor

c. Door Sensor


There sensors help to reduce energy cost where they can be programmed to switch off the light based on the conditions in the environment around them. As the devices are wireless connected, it further reduces cost on any cabling, trunking and labour to install them.

Working Voltage 3V 3V
Battery Type 2 pcs of CR2032 Lithium Battery 1 pcs of CR-2032 Lithium Battery
Battery Life* 3 years 3yrs
Working Frequency 433.92 Mhz 433.92 Mhz
Coding Method ASK ASK
Transmission Range** 50m 50m
Working Temperature ­-20°C ~ +60°C ­-20°C ~ +60°C

*Battery life under normal operations.

** Transmission range depending on atmospheric conditions.

*** Product specifications undergoes continuous design improvement and is subjected to changes without notice.